WHAT about: The future by Yuko Kurosawa

‘I imagine a future, where the people can show their innate qualities more easily’.

Yuko Kurosawa is a writer born in Fukushima, and is considered daughter of temple as it grew in an ambience of the temples of traditional Japan. She started working by publishing books in Tokyo, but acknowledges that his dream had always been to be a writer. By that time she had already written his first book, which tried to sell, at first unsuccessfully. She went to London, where a new world opened up for Yuko and would be the place where she stay several years. She returned to Japan in 2011, and lived the natural disaster in Fukushima in March of that year, a fact that marked deeply. In 2015, she managed to publish his first book “Tomorokoshi”, in this book the author tells all his life experiences and reflections about the world where she lives.