WHAT about: The future by Upendra Arya

‘The system will change quite sure if we want it changes’.

Born in New Delhi, India, in 1976. At eight he was interned in a traditional Vedic school (Gurukul) to acquaint himself with Hatha Yoga and the Vedas. At twenty he left the Gurukul and started practicing with yoga teachers in the Western world, including David Muhasam and Gustavo Ponce. In 2003 in Barcelona opened the Ashtanga Veda Center, in which imparted his own method integrating the techniques of the great masters of Hatha Yoga today, which definitely left to start to wonder about the meaning and purpose of yoga. He decided to put the emphasis on the exploration of the energy channels (prana) and their effects on the physical body and mind, and currently teaches advanced courses and training of yogakal‚ teachers in the Yogakal‚ Institut de Barcelona.