WHAT about: The future by Pío Vucetich

‘The future is related to regain health dimension of spirituality’.

Pío Vucetich is a therapist, specializing in an ancient Andean therapy from the Amazon. Born in Paucartambo, Cuzco, one of the  areas of Peru of most archaeological interest and tourist attraction, where the ancient culture is still alive. He grew up in this area, heir to a millenarian amazonian tradition in  Andean medicine. Interested in studying  psychology, he emigrated from Cuzco to Argentina, where he studied and specialized in psychoanalysis. When he finalized his studies  he reconnected with the ancient oral tradition of Amazonian Andean medicine, picking up the wisdom of this millenarian oral tradition and integrating all the knowledge that he acquired in his studies and with which he’s been in contact since his childhood and early youth. He returned  to Cuzco to learn more of this oral tradition unrepresented in university knowledge and apt for the cure of the psyche. Today he combines all this knowledge and he believes in integral holistic medicine  where spirituality is bound  to who we are, to what we suffer and the way to cure us. Through Andean ancient medicine, its plants and solutions, such as Ayahuasca, he seeks to heal people ‘s souls, their happiness and personal development. Specialist in addictions, he opts for a vision of the future, integrating knowledge from other cultures and traditions along with nature, for a cheaper, more efficient medicine, that considers every piece of the whole; body, soul, natural and social environment.