WHAT about: The future by Jorge Pérez Calvo

‘One thing is that we can eat anything, and another is that anything can be our daily food’.

Doctor by the Autonomous University of Barcelona and trained at the Hospital Vall d’Hebron, has more than 30 years researching and successfully practicing integrative medicine, which combines the latest in modern medicine with traditional medical knowledge to try to understand and cure diseases of our time. His extensive experience in natural medicine, diet therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, biological medicine, neural therapy, medicine neurofocal, homeopathy, homotoxicology, auricular medicine, orthomolecular nutrition, psychosomatic medicine and ozone therapy, among other disciplines, provides him a holistic and global comprehensive of man and his nature. In parallel to the practice of his profession since 25 years gives classes and seminars and regularly publishes articles on medical subjects and on different fields of knowledge related to health and wellness. And is the father of four children.