WHAT about: The future by Joan Bähr

‘There is no change if there is no personal change, we need to access our own mind in order to avoid the imminent collapse’.

He has a degree in Economics and a doctorate in Philosophy, at the UB. He has been collaborating with WHAT for several years, he has been working and moving trough different labor sectors, from hostelry to meditation guide, for people who wanted to learn. For seven years, during the 90′, he owned a bar (Hans-Bar). However, because of his concerns, he became interested in Philosophy, environment issues, spirituality or orientalism and he started to walk away from business. He traveled to India and Nepal, where he delved deeper into Tibetan Buddhism. He went to Latin America,  where he searched for oral traditional knowledge, millenarian in that area. In a path between research, quest of knowledge and the relativism of our own culture —with the purpose of enriching and making wider his world vision— Joan Bähr defines himself as a plural person, where knowledge is the  architect of his mind and the diversity of thoughts, the building’s structure. He has also been teaching Theory of Knowledge at the UB and he  pertains to the research group Guirche about philosophy of the culture and also pertains to the research group of political philosophy at the same university. Strain ecologist, his speech, knowledge and research of environmental topics are expressed in this particular and holistic vision of things and they become words in his blog:  http://polticaecologica.blogspot.com.es. You should have a look! Currently, he is working on a large philosophical essay about the 5 states of perception linked to 5 basic classic  elements. We are hoping to read it soon!

This is an interview we share, with special affection, due the personal and intellectual proximity he has with WHAT, but mostly because of the brilliance and interest that always arises from his speech and particular vision in harmony with to world and that he always offers.

Thank you Joan!