WHAT about: The future by Jaime Pastor

‘The society of the future must overcome social injustice’.

Degree in Sociology at the University of Paris-VIII and Doctor of Political Sciences at the Complutense University, is Head Professor in the Department of Political Science and Administration from the National University of Distance Education (UNED). Coordinator, along with Andrés de Blas, of ‘Fundamentals of Political Science’ (1997); author of several books, including ‘The State’ (1977), ‘War, peace and State system’ (1990), ‘What are the anti-globalization movements?’ (2002), and coauthor of many others, including ‘Social movements. Political transformations and cultural change’ (1998) and ‘Alternative options’ (2000), has also written numerous articles and papers in journals and publications. Member of the international academic board of the Journal of Southern Europe and the Balkans and of the editorial board of the International Journal of Political Philosophy and member of the editorial of the magazine Viento Sur. His main research areas are federalism and multinationality, and social movements.