WHAT about: The future by Elena Porté

Coach and adviser, Law School graduate from the University of Barcelona, she has a degree in Manager of Small and Medium-sized Businesses from ESADE and a Master in International Business EAE. She specializes in organization and managing development through self knowledge, the expression of natural talent and the creation of collaborative environment. She teaches personal skills and training in academic competence (ESCI, UPC,ISBS). She also works in new paradigm leadership programs. She is an expert in fear dissolution and subconscious pattern repetitions, which hinder us from expressing our innate gifts and from living plentiful lives as integrated human beings. She works with professionals and entrepreneurs who wants to feel secure and capitalizing on their strong points in leadership, tired of finding things difficult. She works from a multidisciplinary and integrated perspective. With a systemic and appreciative view of strengths and weakness as driving forces for change, orientated towards generating independence and expanding on what “ already exists and works”, for groups and individuals. Deeply interested in the expansion of the conscience and in the expression of the human potential, she has being investigating different approaches of mental reprogramming for the past 20 years, with the use of highly efficient energetic mechanisms for stabilizing emotional states, as leverage for achieving our goals. She worked for 17 years in public organisms, business organization and private company. Since 2003 she has developed Eporté Coaching Directives & Collaborative Environments.