WHAT about: The future by David de Ugarte

‘We are going to a very polarized society in terms of inequality’.

Economist, technologist and entrepreneur committed to new models of economic democracy. Founder and theorist of the Spanish cyberpunk movement (1989—2007) , founder of Piensa en red SA (Think Network SA, 1999—2002), Sociedad Cooperativa de las Indias Electrónicas (Cooperative Society for the Electronic Indies, 2002) and Grupo Cooperativo de las Indias (Cooperative Group of the Indies), in which is responsible development of new projects. Author of fiction in strange formats, has written two novels for mobile phones: ‘Lía: MAD phreaker’ (2003—2004) and ‘Días de frontera’ (Frontier days, 2002—2006). Author also of essays as ’11M: redes para ganar una guerra’ (11M: nets to win a war, 2004) or ‘Trilogía de las redes’ (Trilogy of networks), translated into half a dozen languages​​, with tens of thousands of copies sold in paper and hundreds of thousands of downloads, formed by the books ‘El poder de las redes (Networks Power), ‘Filés: de las naciones a las redes’ (Files: nations to networks) and ‘Los futuros que vienen’ (Futures coming). All these books, published under Public Domain are available both on paper and in free download html and epub formats in the Biblioteca de las Indias (Library of the Indies), collection that continues the effort of the first collection of contemporary essay under Public Domain, ‘Colección planta 29′ (Collection Plant 29), which he led from its inception in 2007 until its closure in 2010, showing that the editing in the public domain may report sufficient incentives to both publishers and authors.