WHAT about: The future by Borja Vilaseca

‘We are going to a world in which there will be less excuses to avoid responsibilities’.

As a journalist he has specialized in issues of personal responsibility, leadership in values and organizational development. Among other publications, works in El País Semanal (EPS) and in Negocios (Bussiness), the economic supplement of the same newspaper. As a writer has published the book ‘Encantado de conocerme’ (Glad to know me, Plataforma, 2008), ‘El Principito se pone la corbata’ (The little prince gets his tie, Temas de hoy, 2010) and ‘El sinsentido común’ (The common nonsense, Temas de hoy, 2011). He is also creator of the master in personal development and leadership of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Barcelona, wich he directs since 2009, a founding partner of the consulting Koerentia, specialized in strengthening the human dimension of organizations, and director of The Akademia, an educational project nonprofit aimed at promoting self-awareness among young people. Since 2006 he has been giving regular courses and conferences, and is currently Professor in Porta22 (Barcelona Activa), in the Ambit Foundation and in different masters of coaching and emotional intelligence.