WHAT about: The future by Bigas Luna

‘Democracy is a wonderful thing, but we have learned to manipulate it’.

Writer and filmmaker, he studied industrial design and economy and in the early 70’s he founded Gris Studio, dedicated to industrial and interior design, before making his first film, ‘Tatuaje’ (Tattoo, 1976), based on a novel by Manuel Vázquez Montalbán. Soon after comes ‘Bilbao’ (1978), which provides international recognition by being selected for the Cannes Film Festival. His next work, ‘Caniche’ (Poodle, 1979), achieved the award for best director and from review in the International Film Festival of Porto. In the 80s he moved to Los Angeles to develop a custom script and stay four years. He made three films there: ‘Reborn’ (1981), ‘Lola’ (1985) and ‘Anguish’ (1986). Back in Spain working with very young actors like Ariadna Gil, Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz and Jordi Molla, and his filmography continues with ‘Las edades de Lulú’ (The ages of Lulu, 1990), ‘Jamón, jamón’ (1992, Silver Lion in the Venice Film Festival), ‘Huevos de oro’ (Golden eggs, 1993, special Jury Prize at the San Sebastian Film Festival), ‘La teta y la luna’ (The tit and the moon, 1994), ‘Lumière et compagnie’ (1995), ‘Bámbola’ (1996 ), ‘La camarera del Titanic’ (The chambermaid on the Titanic, 1997, Goya award for Best Adapted Screenplay), ‘Volavérunt’ (1999), ‘Son de mar’ (Sound of the sea, 2001), ‘I am Juani’ (Yo soy la Juani, 2006) and ‘Di Di Hollywood’ (2010). Currently he works on his next film, ‘Segundo origen’ (Second source).