WHAT about: The future by Alicia Gallotti

‘I see a future where men and women will be more united and work together’.

Writer and journalist specializing in sexuality, she studied Philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires and began her career in Latin America, in several publications including the emblematic magazine Satiricón and writing scripts for renowned monologuists. Since more than thirty years she lives in Spain, where it has become one of the most recognized specialists and requested by radio, television and all kind of publications —as Playboy for over fifteen years—, both for her long experience and knowledge as her discourse on femininity, masculinity and sexuality. An approach always marked by the search for naturalness, happiness in sex and information for its enjoyment and fulfilling experience. Author of over a dozen books published in fourteen countries with great success, among them ‘The new illustrated kama-sutra’, ‘Pleasure without boundaries’,’Kama Sutra for women’,’ Kama-sutra for men’,’Gay kama-sutra’ and ‘Lesbian kama-sutra’, where the author provides sexual information applied to practice but also addressing the psychological, cultural and emotional dimension of sexuality.