The garbage warrior

Michael Reynolds is an architect who lives in a desert plateau in Taos, in the American state of New Mexico. There is headquartered, grows its own plants and with a group of collaborators designs experimental housing projects that he calls ‘Earthships’ and with which he is breaking architectural and social standards.

As explained in the documentary ‘Garbage warrior’, directed by Oliver Hodge, Reynolds has been building this kind of houses from the seventies, though his methods have been systematically rejected and attacked by politicians, lawyers and even colleagues.

His proposal is born out of concern for matters that he considers crucial for all mankind, as the impending energy decline and climate change, matters that led him to consider the urgent need for a new way of life, beginning with the basics: housing. In that sense, he proposes be totally separated from the conventional and create sustainable homes with autonomous services with minimal impact on the Environment.

Their houses provide themselves with water and power, maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year without heating or air conditioning, recycle waste and for the most part are built in a very unorthodox way, with materials that anyone would consider trash, as old tires, used plastic or glass bottles and empty beer cans.