Learn to listen silence

Silence. Don’t think, don’t listen, don’t talk. Don’t hear anything, what do you see? Silence is part of our thinking, reflects the calm, speaks about of the state of soul. If it is the only one talking, the soul is happy, you can see, touch and hear, it may be, you can live. About the learning to listen the silence speaks this document has been created by the russian visual artist Alexander Lectius.

The Zen says that what is problem, it is, by streamlining and for don’t accept this fact, what is, is. That does not mean doing nothing about it, it means that the best course of action is from peace, fullness and silence. Accepting things as they are and trying to intercede in them in harmony with reality, not with rationality, which often involves trying to change.

In Japanese culture, Haragei (腹 芸) literally means ‘the art of belly’. It is a Japanese custom of leaving an important part of the communication to the insinuations. The value of the communication lies in silence, especially to express emotions, where it is valued not talking, if not communicate nonverbally. Intrinsic to this custom is the belief that language and reason can not express everything, and there are things that can only be expressed from silence, from the belly.

Remember moments of total happiness, for example when you get on vacation to a beach with your family, you can feel the heat, the laughter of your children, you are blinded by the glint of sunlight reflected on the sea and you can smell the cream along with the sweet, familiar scent of your wife… What do you hear? Silence.