WHAT is a cultural association and a platform integrating and spreading critical knowing.

Integration is achieved by mixing the three main branches of knowledge (Arts, Sciences and Humanities) and spreading is done with a playful attitude and through several online and offline channels: WHAT Magazine, WHAT Meet, WHAT About and WHAT Festival.

WHAT is born in a dazed social context in which the management of change is inevitable (personal relationships, our approach to working or the way of governing ourselves are being redefined) as a space for critical and rigorous reflection that reaches as many people as possible and act as a seed in each of them.


WHAT is possible by the work, collaboration, support and funding of many people:

Founders Javier Navarro, Javier Aristu

Contact Javier Aristu, Laura Guarro

Main collaborators Javier Amézola, Joan Bähr, Eloisa Salichs, Núria Mañé, Adrián Pérez

Other collaborators Gemma Ventura, Oriol Pascual, Raimon Homs, David Arruga, Borja Ramos, Carlos Navarro, Guillermo Basso, Inés Milá, Toni Segarra, Kike Baeza, Ima Sanchís, Ignasi Nogueras, Juanjo Gomariz, Asuka Kubota, Tania Adam, Evan Marks, Cecilia Duarte, Clarence Milton Bekker, Samer Yamani, Stephan Zähring, Yoshihide Kobanawa, Coral Mocquot, Sofía G Navarro, Andrés Travi, Yoana Hernández, Françoise Rey, Íñigo Zubicaray, Carlos Aristu, Glassworks Barcelona, Russ Muscarella, Ana Bigas, Marc Morera, Rory Lambert, Esteve Bou, Rose Alves, Naiara Gorroño, Izaro Gorostidi, Silvia Sabaté, Begoña Solís, Emilie Poyet, Derek Corr, Joana Brabo, Yolanda Tarancón, Rosa Panadés, Eduardo Lozano, Marta Flotats, Helena Esteban, Iván De Cristóbal, Eulàlia París

Donors Javier Amézola, Eva Fontova, Javier Aristu, Marta Delgado, Javier Navarro, Natalia Gómez, Marc Cases, Sophie Guët, Enrique Benito, Jordi Roig, Jorge Virgós, Àngels Abad, Sergi Pérez, Gemma Ventura, Mariaella Carrera, Nacho Gayán, Paz Sagué, Sylvia Comas, Tomás Ragué, Helena Valls, Iván de Cristóbal, Judit Pellicer, José Aschl, Elisabeth Mercader, Salvador de Tudela, María José Masnou, Raúl Martínez, Javier Esteller, Ana Tiana, José Amézola, Rosa Sugrañes, Jordi Majó, Blanca Berenguer, Reyes Berenguer, Daniela Gallego, Alicia Marieges, Iker Puente, Oriol Casas, Andrés Martín, Natalia Tubella, Jordi Ferrer, Marta Flotats, Mercedes Artola, Íñigo Amézola, José Navarro, Adrián Pérez, Joan García, Ares González, Celia Crespo, Francisco Macía, Tomás Ferrándiz, Salem Bajnaid, Belén Martínez, Xabier Goicoechea


WHAT needs financing in order to exist and doing it all the interested people together distributes efforts and allows to maintain independence.

Obviously each one can contribute the amount of his choice, which remains private, and WHAT commits to use each euro in a responsible way and only and exclusively for this project.

If you are interested in collaborating, please send an e-mail without any obligation. Thanks in advance.